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Warframe updated with new missiones types, weapons & more

10/02/2014 10:15:00

Warframe has been updated with several new big additions to the game.


Included in the patch is a new mission type that sees players attempting to intercept an interstellar communique, new weapons, a new level expansion, mod stacking and much more.


Warframe update 12 highlights:


  • New Tenno Lab: The new Tenno Research Lab allows players to construct Warframes in a new way - in the Dojo!
  • New in-game HUD: An updated Heads Up Display provides a refreshed and simplified playing experience.
  • Alternate Helmet: A Paladin has never looked so good! Give Oberon a fresh look with a new Alternate Helmet - Oryx.
  • New Warframe Skins: Customize your Warframe with four new Warframe Immortal Skins!


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