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Nether : Crafting & Creature Mode Added

05/02/2014 14:45:00

The Nether team is all about making sure that players have tons of features to keep them occupied.


In the latest update, both creature mode and crafting were added to the survival game. In creature mode, players can take on the role of a monster and lay waste to the city streets.


New features include:


  • Creature Mode – Players wanting to cause more chaos in Nether can morph into nethers and use their stalking skills to terrorize the streets
  • Crafting/Trading – No weapons no problem. Players can now scavenge the city ruins and create their own arms for dispatching nethers or trade them in Safe Zones for needed supplies
  • New in-game items, including a motorcycle biker suit and other tools for survival


Find out more about Nether.


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